By Ilene Frances  |  17 April 2021

Spotify playlist link to listen to all of the songs mentioned: Spring Daze

Above: me listening to the sounds of spring (Credit: Caitlin Marsilii)


Hey, that means spring is here! What exciting news for a nation that has been stuck inside for an entire year (and then some).

With the arrival of spring, more people are getting outside to enjoy the nicer weather. Whether it is a road trip to the beach, or a picnic on the green, here are some boppin’ songs that are coupled well with the season.

Gorillaz – Humility (feat. George Benson)

Above: still image from the music video for “Humility”

I had to kick it off with this one because of two main reasons: 1.) It is just so dang groovy, and 2.) The first line of the song is something that we all might resonate with right now. It goes:

Calling the world from isolation

‘Cause right now, that’s the ball where we be chained

How ironic! Who knew these lyrics would take on a whole new meaning only three years after the album’s release? Apart from that, this song is one to add to your playlist ASAP.

YouTube link to listen to this song: Gorillaz – Humility (feat. George Benson)

Wallows – These Days

Oh man! Laid-back beat, funky synth sounds; this one is a goodie. This song is also from their EP album titled Spring, so I feel I would not be doing this article justice by not including it!

Above: still image from the music video for “These Days”

My favorite element of this song definitely has to be the music video paired with it. It feels like one of those cheesy 80s films where the guy is throwing pebbles at some girl’s window to get her attention. In this scenario, however, it ends a little differently than the stereotypical “the guy gets the girl” ending.

YouTube link to listen to this song: Wallows – These Days

Phantogram – Bill Murray

This one is good for those late night drives through suburbia. The best way to describe this song, and most songs by Phantogram for that matter, is an explosion of sound. Also, the title is pretty cool because Bill Murray is pretty cool himself.

Above: Sarah Barthel and Josh Carter of Phantogram (Credit: Timothy Saccenti)

YouTube link to listen to this song: Phantogram – Bill Murray

Oracle Sisters – The Dandelion

A new tune to me… and the world! This was just sent in to be added through the station’s Music Department (AKA the department that started up this whole blog). It has a vintage, timeless feel to it, and I am absolutely mesmerized by the bass guitar in this tune. So fresh!

Above: cover art for the newly released album “Paris II”

Also, contrary to what it may seem, the band Oracle Sisters consists of no sisters whatsoever.

YouTube link to listen to this song: Oracle Sisters – The Dandelion

Bon Iver – For Emma

Being an avid Bon Iver fan myself, it slightly pains me to recommend the one song that everyone already knows and loves. I cannot help it though! It is just such a spring/summer tune. I can imagine basking in the sun in a grassy field and soaking in some much needed Vitamin D to this tune (or any Bon Iver album really)!

Above: Justin Vernon of Bon Iver standing in said “grassy field”

If you do decide to listen to this while laying in a field, here is a warning from the wildlife biologist in me: watch out for ticks! They are no joke.

YouTube link to listen to this song: Bon Iver – For Emma

Gregory Alan Isakov – Light Year

April showers bring May flowers, and this is the song to listen to on those rainy days! All sayings aside, I have to argue that this is one of the most underrated Greggy songs in existence (yes, I do call him Greggy). It is so light and sweet, comparable to the smell of spring Daffodils or Lilacs; a forever pretty song.

Above: Gregory Alan Isakov on his Boulder, CO farm (Credit: Rebecca Caridad)

Fun fact: Greggy is a farmer! He studied horticulture at Naropa University and schedules his tours around the growing/harvesting season. Just goes to show that you do not have to be only one kind of person or do only one type of thing.

YouTube link to listen to this song: Gregory Alan Isakov – Light Year


I am going to be 100% honest here: this is the first BROCKHAMPTON song I have ever listened to… and boy, have I been snoozing on these guys! This is from another new album that surfaced through the Music Department adds last week, and right from the first beat, something about this tune gives off an instant air of nostalgia. Feels like the perfect song to transition from late spring to the summer heat.

Above: the main rappers of “WHEN I BALL”, Matt Champion and Dom McLennon

YouTube link to listen to this song: BROCKHAMPTON – WHEN I BALL

Day Wave – Gone

Roadtrip, anyone? This is an awesome tune to drive to with the windows down, and, if you are anything like me, the car windows are rolled down whenever the weather is nice (regardless of the season). It also feels like it could be the intro song to a modern coming-of-age film: dreamy with a hint of nostalgia.

Above: cover art for the single “Gone”

YouTube link to listen to this song: Day Wave – Gone

Tracy Chapman – Fast Car

This one is an all time classic and always seems to make its way onto my annual spring playlist. I adore the guitar part in this song, and, of course, Tracy’s voice and lyrics are marvelous; another good song for the road.

Above: Tracy Chapman posing for the cover art of her self-titled album

YouTube link to listen to this song: Tracy Chapman – Fast Car

Tennyson – Beautiful World

This song is utterly magical, and the title serves as a perfect reminder as we get back to living again: do not forget to take moments to enjoy. We live in a beautiful world with so many hidden wonders. Explore them. Enjoy them. Do not forget to appreciate!

Above: sibling duo Luke and Tess Pretty of Tennyson existing in this beautiful world

YouTube link to listen to this song: Tennyson – Beautiful World

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