Roses are red, violets are blue, music is great, and WVUD loves you!!!  

As I am sure you are all well aware, we are nearing the 14th of February. Whether you are celebrating the day with your gals, pals, or significant other, WVUD wants to help spread the love! We’ve decided to create our very own Valentine’s Day playlist to share with all of you and hope that you will enjoy pairing it with the chocolate eating and flower receiving that you intend to take part in. Consider this our valentine to you! We love and appreciate all our fans, supporters, and listeners so much and can never stress that enough.  

2 / 14 by The Band CAMINO: For our playlist opener, we have “2 / 14.” This song is quite a good representation on how things can be…complicated. Although not a traditional love song, its upbeat sound, synthy keys, and infectious guitar create the ultimate feel-good indie pop song. “2 / 14” is off of the band’s first ever EP, My Thoughts on You, and will surely have you dancing around your room.  

Hearts by Bay Ledges: This next song is one of my all-time favorites. “Hearts” will have you feeling those beachy summer vibes in the middle of February. Its bouncy vocals and high-pitched backups guide the flow of the song and detail the experience of falling in love for the first time. Simply put, it is an anthem of new beginnings.  

P.S. Bay Ledges’ EP, New Daze, was featured as one of the station’s favorite albums back in September 2020.  

White Roses by Flyte + The Staves: I love how this song starts with that acoustic guitar and only gets better from there. The organic drumming follows and leads to a very warm vocally powerful chorus. The instrumental elements matched with the layered voices feel like the best kind of hug, and to me, it is one of those songs that help translate an unnamable emotion. Finally, I would not do “White Roses” justice if I failed to mention the extremely cute dog featured on the single’s artwork.  

“Champagne Eyes” – Acoustic Version by Satellite Stories: Not only does this next song create a beautiful visual, thanks to its name, but it seems to instrumentally highlight the progression of a love story. The urgent piano speaks to the best kind of chaos felt at the beginning of such a story, which then melts into a dreamy blending of guitar and keys. The chorus is hushed and serene as if to acknowledge the story coming to life, and the outro speaks to the notion of a happily ever after. 

Chocolate by The 1975: Next up is the one and only “Chocolate.” What more can I say? This song is a classic and speaks to my inner chocolate connoisseur. The guitar riff hits you nine seconds in and mixes with those snappy drums – it’s addictive! The vocals whirl within and around the guitar, and just when you think it can’t get any better, the bridge hits! It seems to climb and climb until the beat drops, and the snare ushers you back into the chorus. I could listen to this song all day and hope you play it on repeat while you devour a box of chocolates.  

Valentine by COIN: This retro sounding indie rock bop should be a 2021 Valentine’s Day requirement. The echoing “yeahs” will get stuck in your head, while the guitar at the end of the song will take you away and leave you wanting to sing out the guitar parts! It speaks to loving “something so much it hurts”, which I am sure is something many of us can relate to.   

“Love You for A Long Time” by Maggie Rogers: Yes, that’s right! The final act is none other than Maggie Rogers. The acoustic vibes, natural balance, and soothing backups make the song feel like it was crafted by Mother Nature herself.  Its use of layering allows the song to ebb and flow while walking the line between being delicate and powerful. Much like the song says, 91.3 WVUD is going to love you for a long time!   

Written by Caitlin Marsilii

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