Every week, I aim to travel to a new “city” and truly explore its unique vibe. Inspired by the sounds of the city, I will create and share a playlist that will be on Spotify as well as featuring a play-through of each city in sound on 91.3 WVUD, Mondays from 4:30 to 5:00 PM. No genre, artist, song, etc. is off limits for the list. It is simply an eclectic mix.

City in Sound: Kennett Square, PA.

If you wander a little farther past Newark, you will find yourself in Kennett Square! Similar to the last post’s featured city, Chesapeake City, Kennett Square is lined by backroads, but instead of rural fields and water, there are woods among woods and lots of mushroom farms. The town itself is very delicate and bohemian and feels as if you’ve stepped into a book. There seems to be a creative flare all around…

Dark Red- Steve Lacy: When thinking of Kennett Square, all that kept coming to mind for me was the color red. Not a bright, shiny red, but a dark, sexy red. I have no idea why… maybe because I’ve performed in a little, live music venue here with dark red curtains and carpets…maybe because of the repetitive, dark red awnings and storefronts on State Street…but the main point = dark, sexy red! This song with its low, vibey design and vocals, bass-y drive, and its overall mysteriousness speaks to this color. I always love how places can give off such vibes that extend beyond music!

The Woods- Portugal the Man: Portugal the Man’s eerie and luminous style perfectly translates Kennett Square. As I said last week, I always feel that the most peaceful and secluded-seeming places can somehow also be the most ominous places. This heavily applies as Kennett Square is surrounded by the woods. They are full and engulfing almost acting as the walls of the town. It is a constant reminder of their natural roots and distinguished spot within. It also speaks to how through the brush, there can be so much light and therefore, so much life. Everything in the town seems to be lit, whether that be naturally through glass or stretched under the dipping fairy lights; overall it tells the story of the hidden life beneath and within the trees.

Black Truck- Mereba: Much the opposite of the luminous nature of The Woods, this song speaks on the darkness that takes over the town. At night, off the few main roads in the town, Kennett Square feels as if you could just dissipate into the dark. It is almost as if an “all black truck” would cease to exist in the night. To me, this isn’t necessarily a bad thing though. Though eerie, it is also very surreal to take on this unassuming and anonymous feeling. Just being able to take the eyes and pressure off yourself for a moment is a small yet incredible experience. It speaks to how you can be both one with the light and one with the dark.

Who Knows- Upstate: For the last song of the collection, I’ve picked a song that I have seen live here in Kennett Square. Upstate played in this upstairs, live music venue. They dressed up with feathers in their hair and spoke in made-up accents and were just free to be. To me, this song captures the town’s creativity! Some towns, though having art shops, live music, eccentrics, etc., don’t always give off the creative vibe, but Kennett Square is not one of those towns. Wandering around, you can find plenty of artistic ventures and even traditional businesses like gyms and breweries with intricate themes and designs (my favorite being a back-alley brewery’s leafy skull artwork). The town doesn’t seem to hold back for anything or anyone (there’s even a mushroom gift shop!). You never really seem to know what creativity will strike in Kennett Square.

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