By Caitlin Marsilii

For those of you unacquainted with Chesapeake City, it is an adorable, sleepy, little place by Chesapeake Bay (about thirty minutes from campus). It is split in half by the Chesapeake City Bridge, but both sides of the city house plenty of docks, boats, and historic architecture. I’ve only been to the city a few times, yet each time I have visited, I’ve noticed a very bold and unique atmosphere that has kept me always wanting to come back and explore…

Blue Planet Eyes — The Preatures: If I had to pick one thing that is central to this city, I would have to say water. Everything seems to flow in the city. Water ripples endlessly, flags sail in the wind accompanied by chimes and bells, and boats float in view of almost any window. The people and cars even seem to glide through the streets. Matching the song’s trance-like state, I would have to say Chesapeake City gives you a set of “blue planet eyes” seeing everything in relation to the bay.

Chesapeake — Evenings: This song is obvious for its name, but I think this is more descriptive of the city’s backroads and scenic landscapes. Lined by farms, fields, and the canal, there is always so much to look at and explore just in its nature. All the backroads here seem to lead near or into the city and have a very distinct vibe to them that I feel is secluded in both a serene yet creepy way. It’s like a drop-off from civilization going from the Delaware suburbs or the highway in Elkton straight into a sort of rural utopia. It’s almost like you cross a line while driving there, and suddenly, you realize it’s just you, the water, and the farm, but then soon enough you are submerged into a new take on civilization again. This song just encompasses the smooth flow of the nature and roads into Chesapeake City. There are really no words to truly explain it. The building momentum of the song alone can symbolize going from somewhere to nowhere and then exploding back into this unique landscape.

Vagabond — Caamp: Whenever I go anywhere, whether that be driving through my neighborhood, traveling halfway across the world, or day trips to places like Chesapeake City, I find my mind wandering into fictional stories and daydreams of what it must be like to live in these places. This song paired with the city (and the fact that municipal parking was near Chesapeake City Elementary) inspired a vision of childhood and what it might be like growing up here. I imagined earthy summers with friends running around the docks and buying old fashioned candy in the general store. I imagined giant games erupting down the canal path and being called home for dinner, running up porch steps to a bright yellow, historic home, yet in the end, these kids would grow up, scatter, and become renewed as vagabond dreamers throughout their new paths. It’s that bittersweet moment of realizing that what is relevant now, in the present, won’t always be.

Bridge Burn- Little Comets: This song taps into the city’s ability to separate you from everything else surrounding the city. Almost as if when you cross the bridge and pass the backroads, you are disconnected from the highways, the neighborhoods, and everything else disassociated with Chesapeake City; it’s as if you’ve settled in the city and watched the bridge “burn” in the fiery, pastel sky. The song’s light and summery vibe captures the freeing feeling of running along the bay, which my friend and I have had the chance to experience. We got lost in our own little world for a moment, feeling like we’d run miles when in fact, it was only one or two. We kicked rocks down the trail, laughed on the pier, and got to experience the bridge “burning” in the sky on our way back.

Your Love is All I Know — BAILEN: Finally, I had to include a song that truly captures the sleepy, small town livin’, rusty star collectin’, telephone line followin’, canal chasin’ vibe that one seems to take on in just two hours in the city. It feels very rustic and proud overall with a “Chesapeake Country” sign being the first thing you see before you venture over the bridge. There are adorable, shuttered houses everywhere in various bold colors and numerous historic churches everywhere. Simply, walking through the town allows you to see and feel the pride of their history. Your Love is All I Know is such a spirited and fearless song that translates that pride (and I love the twangy guitar).

Below is my link to the Spotify playlist of the week:

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