Here are our top albums of 2019, as selected by WVUD DJs, Music Department members, and Ops Board members:

Taylor Carroll: Social Cues, Cage the Elephant

Charles Zoeller: First Taste by Ty Segall

Ryan Geary: Routine Maintenance by Aaron West and the Roaring Twenties

Joe Mullen: Jaime by Brittney Howard

Kiara Cronin: “I would say that one of my personal favorite albums from this year was Father of the Bride, by Vampire Weekend. I loved how acoustic and weird it was, and how it sounded totally different from most of their other stuff.”

Caitlin Velez: “I really like James Arthur’s new album YOU. I really love his music just because you can tell how much emotion and passion he puts into each song, whether it’s a ballad or a faster, upbeat song!”

Caitlin Marsilli : “My favorite album of 2019 is definitely Fever Dream by Of Monsters and Men! They are my number one/favorite band, so of course every album they release becomes an ultimate favorite! Plus, I like how it shows the band’s growth through their music!”

Matthew Gargano: “My top album of 2019 is Morbid Stuff by PUP. It has witty lyrics, killer guitar riffs, and is overall a fun enjoyable listen from top to bottom.”

Ilene West: “My favorite album that came out this year is (shocker, shocker [not really]) i,i by Bon Iver! Something that makes this album stand out from all others (and even previous albums by the group) is that it experiments with so many unique sounds and ways to create music. They even used a piece of cardboard and an old radio tuner for the intro to the song “iMi”! I have never heard any composition like it before; it’s like its own genre of music (AKA freaking amazing)!”

Sophia Talley: “Doom Days by Bastille. This album really captures the chaos and the craziness of the world right now. Also, the concept of the entire album happening over the course of a night is really unique and makes the album that much better.”

Emma Calhoun: “My favorite album of 2019 was Where the Light Is by Surfaces. The album is full of feel-good songs that are easy to listen to and really brighten my day whenever I’m feeling down.”

Jessica Storm: “My favorite album from this year was Lover by Taylor Swift. It’s an album all about love and lovers, and its lyrics tell stories of epic romantic love (Cornelia Street), mother and daughter love (Soon You’ll Get Better), friendship love (It’s Nice to Have a Friend), and even self-love (Me!). Some of my favorite songs are Cruel Summer, The Man, and Paper Rings. I love the themes that run throughout the album lyrics such as the color blue and traveling between New York and London (where Swift’s lover lives).”

Chris Hope: “Lana Del Rey creates such a specific yet indescribable aesthetic for NFR; she’s quoted as saying “End of summer, some people just want to drive around for 10 minutes, get lost in some electric guitar,” about nine-and-a-half-minute long single “Venice B*tch”. The album’s first single was released in September 2018 and the album itself at the tail-end of August 2019, but the wait was worth it for such an amazing mix of psychedelic sounds, piano ballads, some folk, and even a Sublime cover.”

Edward Benner: “On ‘Two Hands,’ Big Thief is grounded in earthen reality, recognizing its scope and weaving narratives rank with imagery to chronicle and grapple with lived experience. Adrianne Lenker’s high pitched warble on lead vocals is a shattered life force, a rallying cry that is one part broken, one part ferocious.”

Ashely O’Farrell: “My favorite album of 2019 has to be A Bath Full of Ecstasy by Hot Chip. When I first discovered Hot Chip and their most recent album, it was during a Music Department meeting. I picked up the album solely because the album cover was super intriguing. Once I listened to the track Echo, I immediately fell in love with their sound and I still cannot get enough of their sound!”

Shannon Burke: “Wasteland, Baby! by Hozier is definitely my favorite album that came out in all of 2019. Hozier does such a fantastic job of creating a diverse track list, and you can really hear how much effort and time he puts into writing and recording these songs. That really made it stand out to me!”

Izzy DeFrancesco: “My favorite album from 2019 was probably Neotheater by AJR. This album talks about topics that weird, funny and at times difficult to understand. It also features sounds from old time musicals, and repurposes  old styles in a new way.”

Eric Pedernera: “My favorite album was probably Billie Eilish’s “WHEN WE ALL FALL ASLEEP, WHERE DO WE GO”. It was just found myself replaying this album over and over again. The whole album is great to listen to and there really isn’t a song that you can’t at least listen to in the background. Pretty much perfect studying music!”

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